Millennium Dome’s Very Fluffy Elephant Index


Doctor Who, Season 35 (2015)

12.13 The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar

12.14 Under the Lake / Before the Flood

12.15 The Girl Who Died / The Woman Who Lived

12.16 Invasion of the Zygons / Inversion of the Zygons

12.17 Sleep No More

12.18 Face the Raven / Heaven Sent / Hell Bent

12.19 The Husbands of River Song

The Complete Season 35: The Company of Immortals


Doctor Who, Season 34 (2014)

12.01: Deep Breath

12.02: Into the Dalek

12.03: Robot of Sherwood

12.04: Listen

12.05: Time Heist

12.06: The Caretaker

12.07: Kill the Moon

12.08: Mummy on the Orient Express

12.09: Flatline

12.10: In the Forest of the Night

12.11: Dark Water / Death in Heaven

12.12: Last Christmas

The Complete Season 34: Am I A Good Man


Doctor Who, Season 33 (2012/13)

11.23: The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe


11.24: Asylum of the Daleks

11.25: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

11.26: A Town Called Mercy

11.27: The Power of Three

11.28: The Angels Take Manhattan

11.29: The Snowmen


11.30: The Bells of St John

11.31: The Rings of Akhaten

11.32: Cold War

11.33: Hide

11.34: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

11.35: The Crimson Horror

11.36: Nightmare in Silver

11.37: The Name of the Doctor

An Eleventh Doctor retrospective: Matt Finish

11.38 The Day of the Doctor

11.39: The Time of the Doctor


Doctor Who, Season 32 (2011)

11.11 A Christmas Carol


11.12 The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon

11.13 The Curse of the Black Spot

11.14 The Doctor's Wife

11.15 The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People

11.16 A Good Man Goes to War


11.17 Let's Kill Hitler

11.18 Night Terrors

11.19 The Girl Who Waited

11.20 The God Complex

11.21 Closing Time

11.22 The Wedding of River Song


Doctor Who, Season 31 (2010)

11.01 The Eleventh Hour

11.02 The Beast Below

11.03 Victory of the Daleks

11.04 The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone

11.05 The Vampires of Venice

11.06 Amy's Choice

11.07 The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood

11.08 Vincent and the Doctor

11.09 The Lodger

11.10 The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang


Doctor Who, Season 30* (2009)

10.33 The Next Doctor

10.34 Planet of the Dead

10.34½ Dreamland

10.35 The Waters of Mars

10.36 The End of Time, part one / The End of Time, part two


Doctor Who, Season 30 (2008)

10.22 Voyage of the Damned

10.23 Partners in Crime

10.24 The Fires of Pompeii

10.25 Planet of the Ood

10.26 The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky

10.27 The Doctor's Daughter

10.28 The Unicorn and the Wasp

10.29 Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead

10.30 Midnight

10.31 Turn Left

10.32 The Stolen Earth / Journey's End

The Complete Season 30: The Darkness is Coming


Doctor Who, Season 29 (2007)

10.12 The Runaway Bride

10.13 Smith and Jones

10.14 The Shakespeare Code

10.15 Gridlock

10.16 Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks

10.17 The Lazarus Experiment

10.18 42

10.18½ The Infinite Quest

10.19 Human Nature / The Family of Blood

10.20 Blink

10.21 Utopia / The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords

The Complete Season 29: You Are Not Alone


Doctor Who, Season 28 (2006)

10.01 The Christmas Invasion

10.02 New Earth

10.03 Tooth and Claw

10.04 School Reunion

10.05 The Girl in the Fireplace

10.06 Rise of the Cybermen / The Age of Steel

10.07 The Idiot’s Lantern

10.08 The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit

10.09 Love & Monsters

10.10 Fear Her

10.11 Army of Ghosts / Doomsday

The Complete Season 28: We Have All the Time in the World (and also a postscript)


Doctor Who, Season 27 (2005)

9.01 Rose

9.02 The End of the World

9.03 The Unquiet Dead

9.04 Aliens of London / World War III

9.05 Dalek

9.06 The Long Game

9.07 Father's Day

9.08 The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances

9.09 Boom Town

9.10 Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways

The Complete Season 27: The Trip of a Lifetime


Doctor Who, Season 26* (1996) - TV Movie

8.01 Time Waits for No Man


Doctor Who, Season 26 (1989)

7.09 Battlefield

7.10 Ghost Light

7.11 The Curse of Fenric

7.12 Survival

The Complete Season 26: Far More Than Just a Time Lord


Doctor Who, Season 25 (1988)

7.05 Remembrance of the Daleks

7.06 The Happiness Patrol

7.07 Silver Nemesis

7.08 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

The Complete Season 25: The Sound of Empires Toppling


Doctor Who, Season 24 (1987)

7.01 Time and the Rani

7.02 Paradise Towers

7.03 Delta and the Bannermen

7.04 Dragonfire

The Complete Season 24: Time and Tide Melt the Snowman


Doctor Who, Season 23 (1986) - The Trial of a Time Lord

6.08 The Trial of a Time Lord

(a) The Mysterious Planet

(b) Mind Warp

(c) Terror of the Vervoids

(d) The Ultimate Foe

The Complete Season 23: The Trial of a Time Lord


Doctor Who: Mysteries of Doctor Who

Mysteries of Doctor Who #1:
Just What Is so Mysterious about Ravolox?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #2:
Skaro's Neighbours From Hell

Mysteries of Doctor Who #3:
Should We Even Be Here At All?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #4:
So, is my Butterfly Net REALLY a threat to the Entire Universe?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #5:
Just how much CAN you fit into an afternoon?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #6:
Did Susan REALLY invent the name TARDIS?

Mysteries of Doctor Who James Bond 007
Why DOES Mr Goldfinger explain Operation Grand Slam to the Hoods when he's going to kill them?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #8:
Logopolis… what's THAT all about?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #9:
So why exactly does Azal blow himself up at the end of the Dæmons?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #10:
What is Canon?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #11:
So DOES Paul McGann Count?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #12:
Who sends the Doctor after the Key to Time.

Mysteries of Doctor Who #13:
What's Wrong with Calling them Silurians?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #14:
How Many Planets are there in the Solar System?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #15:
What the TRUNK is going on at Dr Who's Trial? (The Third One)

Mysteries of Doctor Who #16:
Is he MORE than just a Time Lord?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #17:
Is Kylie a Conker?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #18:
Do the Cybermen have invisible planets?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #19:
How does the Brigadier manage to retire from UNIT before he joins it? Yes, it's the "UNIT dating" one.

Mysteries of Doctor Who #20:
How Do the Macra evolve?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #21:
Frontier in Space… What Happened Next?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #22:
How Many Limbs Does Alpha Centauri Have?

Mysteries of Doctor Who #23:
Why Does "Pyramids of Mars" Take Place in ENGLAND?


Doctor Who, the lost tales

The Daleks Master Plan

The Evil of the Daleks

The Invasion



Doctor Who Books, 2008

The Tenth Doctor and Martha

Revenge of the Judoon

Martha in the Mirror

Snowglobe 7

The Many Hands

The Story of Martha

The Tenth Doctor and Donna

Ghosts of India

The Doctor Trap

Shining Darkness

Beautiful Chaos

The Tenth Doctor alone

The Eyeless


Doctor Who Books, 2007

The Tenth Doctor and Martha

Made of Steel

The Sting of the Zygons

The Last Dodo

Wooden Heart

Forever Autumn

Sick Building


Wishing Well

The Pirate Loop



Doctor Who Books, 2006

The Tenth Doctor and Rose

The Stone Rose

Feast of the Drowned

The Resurrection Casket

I am a Dalek

The Nightmare of Black Island

The Art of Destruction

The Price of Paradise


Doctor Who Radio, Season 26-and-a-bit-more (2008)

8.201 Dead London

8.202 Max Warp

8.203 Brave New Town

8.204 The Skull of Sobek

8.205 Grand Theft Cosmos

8.206 The Zygon Who Fell to Earth

8.207 Sisters of the Flame / Vengeance of Morbius


Doctor Who Radio, Season 26-and-a-bit (2007)

8.101 Blood of the Daleks

8.102 Horror of Glam Rock

8.103 Immortal Beloved

8.104 Phobos

8.105 No More Lies

8.106 Human Resources


The Sarah Jane Adventures, Series 5 (2011)

5.01 Sky

5.02 The Curse of Clyde Langer

5.03 The Man Who Never Was


The Sarah Jane Adventures, Series 4 (2010)

4.01 The Nightmare Man

4.02 The Vault of Secrets

4.03 Death of the Doctor

4.04 The Empty Planet

4.05 Lost in Time

4.06 Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith


The Sarah Jane Adventures, Series 3 (2009)

3.01 Prisoner of the Judoon

3.02 The Mad Woman in the Attic

3.03 The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith

3.04 The Eternity Trap

3.05 Mona Lisa's Revenge

3.06 The Gift


The Sarah Jane Adventures, Series 2 (2008)

2.01 The Last Sontaran

2.02 The Day of the Clown

2.03 Secrets of the Stars

2.04 Mark of the Berserker

2.05 The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith

2.06 Enemy of the Bane


The Sarah Jane Adventures, series 1 (2007)

1.01 Revenge of the Slitheen

1.02 Eye of the Gorgon

1.03 Warriors of the Kudlak

1.04 Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane

1.05 The Lost Boy


The Sarah Jane Adventures

1.00: Invasion of the Bane

Big Finish: Sarah Jane Smith, Series Two


Torchwood, Miracle Day (Season 4) (2011)

4.01 The New World

4.02 Rendition

4.03 Dead of Night

4.04 Escape to L.A.

4.05 The Categories of Life

4.06 The Middle Men

4.07 Immortal Sins

4.08 End of the Road

4.09 The Gathering

4.10 The Blood Line


Torchwood, Children of Earth (Season 3) (2009)

3.01 Day One

3.02 Day Two

3.03 Day Three

3.04 Day Four

3.05 Day Five


Torchwood, Season 2 (2008)

2.01 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

2.02 Sleeper

2.03 To the Last Man

2.04 Meat

2.05 Adam

2.06 Reset

2.07 Dead Man Walking

2.08 A Day in the Death

2.09 Something Borrowed

2.10 From Out of the Rain

2.11 Adrift (with Doctor Who trailer #1)

2.12 Fragments (with Doctor Who trailer #2)

2.13 Exit Wounds


Torchwood, Season 1 (2006)

1.01, 1.02 Everything Changes / Day One

1.03 Ghost Machine

1.04 Cyberwoman

1.05 Small Worlds

1.06 Countrycide

1.07 Greeks Bearing Gifts

1.08 They Keep Killing Suzie

1.09 Random Shoes

1.10 Out of Time

1.11 Combat

1.12, 1.13 Captain Jack Harkness / End of Days


The Prisoner

17? Arrival


16? Dance of the Dead

15? Checkmate

14? The Chimes of Big Ben

13? Free For All

12? The Schizoid Man


11? Many Happy Returns

10? The General

09? A, B & C

08? Living in Harmony

07? Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling


??? The Girl Who Was Death




02? Once Upon A Time

??? Fall Out


Robin Hood

1.01 Will You Tolerate This?

1.02 Sheriff Got Your Tongue?

1.03 Who Shot the Sheriff?

1.05 Turk Flu

1.08 Tattoo, What Tattoo?

1.09 A Thing or Two About Loyalty

1.13 A Clue: No

2.12, 2.13 A Good Day to Die / We Are Robin Hood


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My name is Millennium Dome, elephant, and I am a FAMOUS DIARIST!

Here is my Very Fluffy Diary.

I have been getting my Daddy Richard to write reviews of DOCTOR WHO and some OTHER STUFF all year, but they can be QUITE TRICKY to find in among all the other EXCITING EVENTS in my diary. So I have got Daddy to gather them all up and write out an INDEX of where to find them.

I hope that this is VERY HELPFUL!