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The Sarah Jane Adventures, series 1 (2007)

1.01 Revenge of the Slitheen

1.02 Eye of the Gorgon

1.03 Warriors of the Kudlak

1.04 Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane

1.05 The Lost Boy


Blogger Mogadishu said...

Hello Fluffy,

I think your analysis of SJA is spot on! Buffy showed that ensembles work, (so does Heroes!) but only if you pay attention to details (hence Angel. Pulled in series 5.)

Ho Hum. And I enjoyed your rudery about Mr Frown and the balloon man!

Take Care,

A Moggie

11:35 pm  
Blogger Mogadishu said...

Seems to be the same one?

Torchwood was such a dissapoinnntment.

11:43 pm  

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